Love and Friendship

Girl in Brogues / Love and Friendship

I woke up at 07:39am today, bleary-eyed and tense. Clearly my body still hasn’t caught up on the fact that I finished my exams yesterday and therefore shouldn’t be waking me up on my day off with adrenaline, or cortisol, or whatever other hormones coursing through my body telling me “SHIT SHIT SHIT, REVISE REVISE REVISE“.

I have come to a few realisations the last few months. Firstly, even though being on one of the worst rotas known to medicine (aka. the dreaded neonatal SHO rota), I have managed to just about revise a reasonable amount for my exams yesterday. I don’t know if it’s enough to pass, but it’s proven I can juggle quite a lot. Yes, there have been a few tears and episodes of furiously rubbing my temples thinking ‘WTF am I doing?!‘, but I have managed to save babies, revise for exams and still see my friends. I wish I could go back in time and give med-school-self a kick up the arse for thinking waking up at 10am to go revise in the library for 8 hours was horrendous.

Secondly, I don’t take care of myself at all. I feel unhealthy, unexercised and unfit. A few months ago, I would have thought eating those abominable ready meals with 56% saturated fats every night shift was absolutely fine. But then I realised this month I do night shifts literally every other week. Which means I spend a quarter of my dinner times eating ready meals. So the ready meals have gone, replaced by bringing loads of fruit to nibble on through the night.

I’m also going to slowly introduce my body to the concept of exercise. I’m not saying, hey, this is the NEW ME – I am EXERCISE MAD NOW. That will not happen… for a long while. I just want to become a bit more familiar with the experience of endorphins and seeing my thighs tone up a bit. Not too much to ask of my slightly flabby, worn-out body.

The last realisation came last night when I watched Love & Friendship (which is amazing by the way, add to your movie list now). I know I watch a lot of period dramas and I watch a lot of fine, genteel ladies and gentlemen taking leisurely walks around stately homes and gardens. But how relaxing it must have been to just walk with your friends talking; not rushing around, with your iPhone in your pocket thinking “Ooh, that doorstep would be a nice pic for Instagram”. Point is, I’m going to try and detach myself from a bit more from the modern world. I long to just walk around with no checklist in my head. To read a book on my balcony. To bake cakes and not stress about it slightly burning.

The point of all this is that I need to care for myself better. Be a bit more zen in life; my body is a temple etc etc. Life is way too short and before I know it, I’ll be one of those grumpy haggard consultants wandering around the hospital thinking “What else have I done in this life I had? Have I actually been happy?”. Let’s hope I will be.

Sunday round-up #10

Girl in Brogues / Sunday round-up #10

1. This week marked the end of 6 months working in General Paediatrics; tomorrow I’ll be starting a new job in Neonatology. I’m slightly terrified of the prospect of looking after tiny little babies, but equally excited too! I always love a new challenge.

2. We had a staff party on Friday evening as most of the doctors are going off in different directions to different hospitals. We had a pretty subdued affair at our local Italian as some of us were working early the next day! I discovered pasta alla siciliana, which is a tomato sauce pasta with aubergine – ah-mazzzinnngg! I need to experiment more with my pasta sauces.

3. Harpall and I discovered a new series by Judd Apatow on Netflix called Love – a sort of dark comedy about an unexpected romance between a sweet, nerdy guy and a brash girl with an addictive personality. I like it because like Master of None, it’s pretty spot on about modern dating and far more relevant. I would requote my favourite lines… but they’re pretty rude and I don’t want a telling off! Check it out for yourself!

4. I went to visit some peeps in Reading this weekend and got to relive my old Reading days when I lived there a few years ago. I don’t care what people say about the place, I love it. I love the dodgy road system, the drunk guy raving in the town centre, the riverside. Also, they’ve opened some fab food joints since I’ve been away – we had Asian fusion food and cocktails in Coconut Bar & Kitchen and student-type hot dogs and mac and cheese in the funky Pavlov’s Dog.

What my mum taught me

Girl in Brogues / Mother's Day

Girl in Brogues / Mother's Day

My mum is somewhat a celebrity in my group of friends for being one of a kind. She’s headstrong, makes outrageously funny comments and a tiger mum. When Debenhams asked me to collaborate with them for Mother’s Day on the life lessons she taught me, I was more than happy to oblige. I chose a selection of gifts for my mum, which I’ll be sending off as a little care package across the world to her. For my mum, I chose a beautiful Land’s End scarf, Kiehls Creme de Corps moisturiser, a mug which states the truth (haha!) and some relaxing Aveda tea (if you want to check out Debenhams’ picks, visit here!). My mum’s the sort of person who doesn’t like making any spectacle of her birthday or Mother’s Day – but you know what mum, you have to have these gifts because you deserve it!

Girl in Brogues / Mother's Day

What my mum taught me

1. Push yourself. When growing up, my tiger mum was a teeny bit of a taskmaster. She would expect good grades, but also made sure we went to music and dance classes. I used to complain so much (I hated violin lessons), but looking back, I’m so grateful she enabled me to develop myself in so many ways

2. Age is but a number. In her 50s, my mum did hot yoga and climbed Mount Kinabalu. She started to train in a creative arts studio and began to sell her own products. She never saw getting older as a reason to slow down; if anything, she sped up! I bet even decades from now, my mum will still be kicking ass in some way or form.

3. Nothing gets in the way of your passion. A few years ago, my mum was hit with quite a bad kidney disease which led to multiple hospital admissions. Despite being bed-bound, she continued to work on projects and desperately wanted to get back to the studio. I have still yet to meet a person who has as much passion and devotion as my mum does to her art.

Girl in Brogues / Mother's Day

** This post was written in collaboration with Debenhams; all products chosen by myself and opinions my own.

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